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*The features may be changed in different countries

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Feelfree kayaks introduce the new Moken12. Innovative features, ergonomic design, comfortable molded seat, big room fish storage, designed for the fisherman, built in rod holders, front storage locker, center console, rear storage deck, easy to add many extras GPS and fish finder, double action rod holders, Dry bag storage, extra fishing rods and gear. The all new Moken12 is everything you ever thought about in a fishing kayak.

Boat Specifications
Length 12.4' (3.8 m)
Width 29" (75 cm)
Weight 72.7 lbs (33 kg)
Capacity 550 lbs (250 kg)
Boat Features
  • Bow storage locker
  • Innovative molded-in handles
  • Center mounting position for additional rod holders, GPS or fish finder
  • Handy flip up console for lures
  • Adjustable footrests
  • 4 Fishing rod holders
  • 8” rubber round hatch
  • Side net pockets
  • Comfortable seat with foam pad
  • Side paddle parks
  • Ample room behind seat for storage crate, live bait tank or diving tank with bungee cord
  • Wheel in the keel
  • Drain plug

*The features may be changed in different countries

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